Thursday, May 21, 2009

Season-1st half, 2nd half

I'm kind of hesitant to blog. i've noticed this thing appears a someone's blog list who is quite the popular rider around here. Its nice but i'm just a CAT 4 (and barely) and i dont think anyone cares what i have to say.

Anyhow. The 1st half of the race season has passed for me. I've achieved almost all my goals for the season too.
  • I've collected 1 win (goal) (Syns-Fit Crit).
  • I rode haymarket's Mt Weather ride (which i realize isn't much of a goal, but i set that goal after my 2nd month of riding, when the total 14 mile commute for the day was still a lot).
  • I've also made it from 5 to 4 in a half of a season (goal) with a total of 4 podiums (bonus).
  • Lost 40lbs.
  • Be apart of a winning breakaway [2nd and 3rd places for myself] (1st race at Snowball 10 sec gap on last lap, just rode off the front. Waynesboro does it count with 6 guys annihilate the entire field?)
2nd half season goals
  • Another win (maybe two)
  • CAT up to 3 (i've been told by my riding peers that it shouldn't be out of reach)
  • Top 15 at Tour of Washington County (worried about that TT)
  • Lose 5-10 more lbs. (i'm apparently building muscle this may be difficult)
  • Be apart of 2 more winning breakaway's
  • Lead a teammate out for a win.
  • Top 3 at Hagerstown State Championship Crit (7/11)
  • Vint Hill Development Series Overall Winner (home court advantage).
A lot of more goals for the rest of the season but i think most of them are realistic. I dont know if i will be able to lead out a teammate for a win, my chances are limited to a few races being that they are all 3's basically and only one of which is a sprinter so i'd substitute that for wasting myself for one of them if it meant victory in a breakaway.

I've learned a ton through the first half of this year, mostly in my first 2 bigger races which resulted in poor results. I've also learned a ton doing the Wednesday Night Haymarket ride. Those guys are all so good, and i get a ton of advice post ride from different guys. Not to mention the experience i gain from riding at speeds and intensities much higher than any CAT 5 race.

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