Monday, May 11, 2009

Upgrade status


i didnt need 10 races after all.

i am a CAT 4. still lowly in ranks but i'm happy with my progress.

Also, quick story-went on a short, VERY slow ride today being a rest day and all. got about 3 or 4 miles away and caught a flat. bummer right? but not a big deal. except after i quickly got it changed and was about to be back on my way my CO2 cartridge was a dud. major bummer since i left my cell at home and i'm apparently not smart enough to carry more than one cartridge (i usually do but i've not yet replaced the one i used just the other day). ugh.

walked 3 or 4 miles home carrying my bike and shoes (i'd rather walk barefoot than in shoes with Look cleats).



AH said...

Been there dude and it SUCKS! After riding a slow flat home this winter (an hour on a front tire with 30psi) I said "screw the cartridges" and went old school -- frame pump. Even if you have a recurrent slow leak you can pump it up as many times as needed to limp home. Plus yo uaren't throwing away all those little cylinders!

KOA said...

yeah i remember you saying that before about using a frame pump. I'm close to giving in.

i forgot about the environmental waste part of it. good point.