Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I had an even better ride home. I was close to reaching an avg 21mph. My least favorite stretch happened to be straight into the wind, but i was feeling a bit stronger than the past couple months so i hit it harder and everything worked out nicely...I've been debating on why maybe the loss of power and the gain of power and i changed a few things both times-
  • Diet
    • I switched to lots of salads, or less of things like pizza. I cut hamburger and other fatty foods. Relatively no junk food (except pizza).
  • Vitamins
    • started taking them and shortly after my power dropped through the floor. my mother-in-law(a nurse) told me if there was metabolism boosters in the vitamins (which i dont know) then it could indirectly effect me, if i'm not eating too much...makes sense in turn with the first variable
  • Position on bike
    • i slammed my seat forward the other day which helps but just how much?
With that said i changed all three of those things. I'm still watching my diet but not as strictly. I haven't taken my vitamins in a couple weeks. My position is much better, though my stroke is still jacked up because of my cleat but i'm fixing that tonight

I was about to mount my bike this morning and head out but i had decidedly the night before if it was raining that i wouldn't ride in. Reason being, is because i was going to the doctor's office to have another biopsy done and i thought it might be rude to dirty up their office and chair. Because of this morning i ordered a pair of SKS fenders to eliminate wetness on days when the road is soaked. After much debate i gave in. My buddy's brother has them on his bike, apparently as do many HC commuters. Ben JUST put some on his bike after 6 years of commuting without them. He said he felt stupid for just now realizing the magic these things perform.

Oh, the doctors-
I got 5 stitches in my left forearm, which should have removed all "pre-cancerous" cells.

Again, i LOVE Dear Science by TV on the Radio

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