Monday, January 12, 2009

New Project

Since buying my fixed gear a while back, many of my friends have asked how they can get one, how much they cost, etc.. And like many other fixie owners i cruise occasionally, well one time i found an interesting contest and the rules are as follows-
Build-Off Rules:
You must start with a complete geared bike - road, mountain, cruiser, etc. This means it must have been at least a 3-speed to begin with, and the finished bike has to have all the parts that a bicycle needs to be ridden. If you dont know what those parts are, then this is your chance to learn.
The bike must be [or have been] purchased used. Please don't use the old: "My Dad gave me an old Hetchins Magnum Opus Mk 3 from the garage." That ain't acceptable.You must use as many original parts as possible.
You cannot spend more than $147.83* US on the ENTIRE build. This includes the purchase price of the bicycle[s]. So shop hard!

Well with that in mind, i saw some of the bikes created and i thought it may be a good idea to try and do the same but for my friends.

Anything to get more people riding bikes. And just maybe i can get people at college campuses interested for a very economical price. Darryl shall help

If you are interested let me know. I start tonight with my old Raleigh.


Watkins said...

I would buy a nice bike and ride it if I weren't broke...

KOA said...

Well give me your height and your inseam and i'll let you know if i can put something together for you, for really cheap...