Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jerrys Subs and Pizza sucks.

Sometime after lunch i worked up a new logo for Jerry's Subs and Pizza. I went there because they had a 4 inch Philly Cheesesteak for $2.99 which over the radio before I've eaten breakfast sounds mighty good. So thinking I'm being economical, today a co-worker and i went over to Jerry's and took advantage of this "deal". I bought two because it was still slightly cheaper (about $.71) than buying the 8 inch. Thinking about this post-purchase i figured that not only could i have spent nearly the same amount of money for a sub 30% larger than my two combined, but i guarantee it would have been tastier. Upon this realization we (my co-worker and i)started to mentally compare prices of Jerry's (crap-decent food) to any ordinary mom & pop joint (like Mama Mia's or Big Joe's) and you can get more and better pizza from Big Joe's as two slices than you can from Jerry's as a medium pizza and Mama Mia's subs are far superior to Jerry's and 4 inches longer for around the same price....never again. Jerry's is a rip off and for some reason my idiocy makes me angry.

Last i checked (about an hour ago) it was 28 degrees outside, and now with the sun setting I'm preparing to face the cold again. My beard froze on the ride in, kind of weird considering there was no precipitation (you figure that out).

My last two posts had pictures i personally took. A nice change of pace. I'm going to attempt to keep that up.


darryl said...

You won't smoke a cigar during bicycle training but you will eat Jerry's Subs and Pizza?


KOA said...

Calories = good. Smoke = bad.