Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day

This morning it started to snow:
And i took off via bike despite that fact. i pulled up to the exit of my neighborhood and no sooner did i stop at the stop sign, that a car across the road wreck into the guard rail. *AWESOME*. i grabbed my manhood, said a quick prayer, clipped into my bike, and took a right turn to work.
After a short ride the only complaint was my eyes. My eyes took a beating from all the snow. Had i grabbed my ski goggles like i had thought about doing, then i wouldn't have had any real complaints.
If there is a question about wearing ski goggles why riding a bike, well:
Andy Hampsten did it while winning the 88 Giro...so that makes it ok. But, I'm by no means comparing my 6.5 mile journey in the snow from home to work to Andy's crazy break away during a freak snow storm.

I got to work relatively dry but my bike faired different:

With that said...it has started to snow again and i'm out of here.

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