Friday, January 16, 2009

Frozen Beards and Light Grenades

While this whole week I've been complaining about the wicked cold, this morning i experienced the worst of it. I checked online when i left to get a brief idea of just how cold it was outside, 10 F. I was later told my fellow commuter that there was a windchill of below 0...ouch. Luckily 90% of my hiking is done in the dead of winter so i have winter performance gear which i was able to layer up with this morning in combination with my cycling clothes. Despite the extra clothes my face remained bare (save a little beard) there for rendering my face defenseless against the cold...the result looked like this:
I did put Vaseline on my face before i left hence the nice glistening reflection my face has. But i honestly could feel much and every hair follicle was frozen to its surrounding neighbors. Also unfortunately any precipitation that left my mouth (or nose) became immediately frozen to my facial hair leaving me looking like i have rabies. The Vaseline also froze moments after i left my house, which was a weird feeling.

The ride itself was kind of difficult but nothing over bearing.

I visited the library for another round of free CDs and DVDs. I picked up Incubus's Light Grenades which is slightly disappointing. I'm happy i didn't go to purchase it. I grew up a huge incubus fan and from time to time i still enjoy some of their music, but Light Grenades seems to be the culmination of bad ideas and wasted talent, or it could be just poor song writing. Its not even enjoyable pop.

The movie selection wasn't that great either, but they did have classics such as Jurassic Park and Forest Gump. Jurassic Park is the first movie i ever remember watching in theaters and i saw it in an IMAX theater. I loved it so much that when it came to television a year or two later i recorded on a VHS and promptly watched it everyday for an extended period of my life (i was home schooled so i had tons of time for it). I also picked up Chicago and Miracle...and like Darryl said Chicago is a joke, i couldn't believe it won 6 Academy Awards...are people insane?


darryl said...

Did Chicago really win 6 oscars???? Holy crap, 6 more reasons why the Oscars are a joke and 1 more reason to hate that movie.

KOA said...

yeah it really did. Oscars are kind of a joke.

gwadetan said...

you should give Light Grenades another shot.

A Kiss to Send Us Off
Anna Molly

a great way to start the album

then you have to skip around for the rest of the good stuff

Oil & Water

This album as a whole is a lot different since they have Kil on a Fender Rhodes most of the time, but the time signature of Quicksand is sick. The structure of Kiss to Send Us Off. The message of Dig. The rockability of Anna Molly.

Also, you should attempt to find the B-sides which are actually really good. Punch Drunk and Look Alive. Remember the B-side Monuments & Melodies? Such a sick song.

on a different note, your beard looks disgusting there.