Wednesday, August 26, 2009

up and down

i was going to post about how i've been riding hard the past few days and how great it feels. also, about how my basement is now mold free (which it is). But the more interesting story happened this morning on my commute into work and is why i spent all day at home on my couch like a potato.

Cruising into work this morning, about 2 miles from home, a semi turns slowly in front of me, which i think is awesome. he starts to get up to speed and inadvertently starts to pull away from me. Now, i have no computer on the fixie but i know with my gearing(46x15) when i start to max out my cadence i'm going at or around 40mph, which i was approaching max out, so for the story's sake we'll settle for being solid over 30mph. Anyhow, as he starts to pull away i thought, "no way is this dude getting away from me, there are train tracks ahead plus an intersection shortly after", both of which will keep his speed relatively slower. I glance down to dig deep to shorten the decent gap between myself and the tractor trailer and when i look up, it reminded me of a dream where you are falling fast towards the ground. The wall for a truck was approaching (or was i approaching it?) at mach speed (roughly over 30mph). I had maybe a split second to grab my sketchy brakes which did nothing as my front wheel immediately hit him, catapulting me head first into his truck doors.

Within a second i was on my feet dragging my bike out of the road and i lay immediately back down and close my eyes in pain. I lay there as a hispanic fellow jumps out of his pickup and looks at me like my guts were falling out "dude, are you ok?". I told him i was. Another lady comes running over "i got his license plate! I'm on the phone with 911!". Both of which were of no consequence to me since A). it was mostly my fault and B) I'm relatively ok. Regardless it was nice to know that someone would care to stop and take charge of the situation had it been a real hit and run..

Apparently as the story goes, the truck had quickly realized he missed his turn and jammed on the brakes, followed by "oh I'll just go up here and turn around". All the while I'm slamming into the back of him.

While i know it must sound weird that a semi could suddenly stop, but to go from pulling away from me to me flying into him, its the only way possible.

Anyhow, results are as follows-sprained neck, concussion, road rash, slightly untrue front wheel (the fixie is a tank!).


derek_hill said...

being that youre my best friend, im glad you are alive.
its so crazy... that could have gone so much worse... but im glad it didnt. you are a haus. much love bro

KOA said...

to be completely honest. it was one of the scariest moments of my life.

Ryan Simpson said...

Glad to hear you are mostly ok

Sigberto said...

2nd friend of mine to scare everyone with this same stunt in two weeks.

not cool. ugh. glad you walked (err, stumbled) away.

Calvini said...

You should never break the rule of assigning blame--it's ALWAYS the vehicle's fault.

Seriously, glad you're OK...and refreshing honesty.

Hopefully, keeps you safer in the long run.

KOA said...

thanks guys.

AH said...

Cool. Another tale to add to my list of stories called "why you should only motorpace off someone you trust with your life." I'm up to maybe 4 or 5. And you got off the lightest.

And if you must (and who among us hasn't) ALWAYS give yourself a clear exit (stay to one side or the other) and (as I'm sure you know now) keep your head up at all times.

KOA said...

i got off really lucky. it could have been much worse.
When i do jump behind the occasional dump truck or what not i'm usually to the right watching their lights like a hawk, with my head up...
I really thought i was going to glance back up and see he was basically gone, unfortunately it was quite the contrary.