Sunday, August 9, 2009

Silly me

Arrogance got the best of me on Saturday. We had out last 540 series race @ Vint Hill. And since my wife left on Wednesday(till Sunday) to go visit a friend, my life has been a little less organized, typically consisting of not going to bed till 2 am at the earliest, being late for work, eating crap, etc. So with that said i hadn't planned on racing, mostly because I'm fried and partly because i applied for my CAT 3 (but its taking a year to get back?).

So after being up till 230 am on Friday and then getting up Saturday at 545, i decided what the hell, i might as well race. I've realized the silly mistakes I've been making that cause 2nd and 3rd places vs. 1st, so there is a grand chance i could get a win.

Silly me.

I also have yet to mention i stopped riding my bike earlier this week because i can't seem to go very far or very long and enjoy it at all. The plan was to not ride for 2 weeks and then hop back on very lightly till october.

Not riding + no sleep + slow legs = DNF

in a race that i shouldn't have a problem in. granted a breakaway went, and i got up to the front and burnt all my matches destroying myself only to flick the elbow...look back and see 2 NCVC guys waiting for me to burst so they can continue to soft pedal the pack for their 2 teammates in the break. F! that's depressing. i was later explained how to help counter this tactic which would have been good to know during the race.


All that to say, this is what i'm looking forward to next-

Aug 14-18 - Beach with Alissa
Sept 5th- !!! @ the blackcat in DC (Dance party!)
Sept ? - Hiking Pen-Mar to Harper's Ferry (42+ miles) in less than 24 hours.
Oct 1- Sunny Day Real Estate in Philly
Nov weekend- Hike AT through PA
Some cold weekend in Dec - hiking the AT in NOVA
1 week in Jan - Winter hiking trip in the Daks (via snowshoes...scratch the XC-ski idea)


Sigberto said...

hey andrew - it's bert. awesome to hear you applied for your upgrade... and hey, we all have bad days. kinda funny, when my gf ain't around, i'm a wreck, eating cheez-its and crap all day, and not sleeping because i'm reading blogs at 1AM... (speaking of which).

oh, and sorry my guys were playing the game :-). unfortunately it didn't pan out for us until the master's races.

enjoy your week at the beach.

KOA said...

yeah i bought an xbox the day the wife left and stayed up till 4 am, 3 am, 230 am each night leading up to the race...silliness.

I exchanged some words with a few of your team mates. something like "i hate you...**** you." all smiles of course. they knew i was kidding and laughed. i was completely redlined hoping someone would pull through, only to see your boy's smiling faces ready to let up the pace as soon as i pulled off.

bike racing turning off now.

derek_hill said...

why are you cutting off the rockstar look!!!! if you do i literally wont talk to you for about 10 seconds.

Hubbell said...

I bought a new game for the "girl's Wii" yesterday and proceeded to waste about 5 hours on it...the good news is that I did my four mile run BEFORE I started playing the Wii.

Can't wait to do some Fall/Winter hiking!

Ryan Simpson said...

the key is to always eat like shit the your body knows how to use that five guys for fuel..I'm on the chris horner diet. Cheeseburgers and milkshakes..

KOA said...

Heckling from coworkers isn't worth a silly haircut. maybe some day in the future. have the 10 seconds already passed? i think i missed it.

Yeah, workouts need to come before video games or they wont happen. I'm excited about our upcoming trips, we just need to figure out some dates. When do you want to come down here?

I'm all about the Chris Horner diet but i need to be riding to counteract the large amount of greasy calories i'd be consuming, which current isn't happening.

darryl said...

I'm lookin' forward to some of those scheduled hikes.