Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Bad, Unlucky and the End

The past few weeks have been a string of negative events.

Besides the usual of my house being F-ed up,
  • Car #2 broke down...
  • i tried to fix it and it got worse
  • Car #1 (2 years old) check engine light came on...failed ECM
So when looking at it, that's just 4 things, house, car#2 (x2), and car #1. But those are 3 very expensive things. We were getting by with the one car for a while, until i could figure the time to do something about car #2.

Yesterday seemed to peak my bad luck and turn over to the positive side. I found my SRAM chain on my primary form of transportation(the bike) was a recall. I only checked further into what chain i bought because my chain exploded when sprinting down a heavy traveled road during rush hour. I f-ed up my knee, but stayed up-right thankfully.

the positive turn of events followed shortly after
  • Car#2 was fixed by a friend for free. (easy fix. i made a simple mistake when i worked on it..)
  • Car #1 is still under a 80k miles or 8 year warranty (YES!)
  • House-so many issues but are slowly coming together thankfully.

I'm ready to get back on the bike and excited about it.


derek_hill said...

the beauty of bad is always its opposite. im glad things are working out well for you. im always here if ya need anything

Samantha said...

i really like that picture on your should probably give the amazing photographer that took it some credit :)

KOA said...

done...i was going to do that before but i got too lazy.

Samantha said...

Sweet. Miss you guys! Let's hang out this weekend! We could meet halfway and do dinner if you wanna!