Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So i'm officially a CAT 3. no email notification or anything. i randomly logged into my usacycling account and saw my new status.

I dont know what took so long. i sent probably 5 emails with the correct format and then submitted via website. Then i got denied because i didn't list everything on the usacycling submission, so sent ANOTHER email saying "i've sent 5 emails with what you asked for" blah blah blah. and still no response. only to randomly log on and see everything is finally done.

i know they have to deal with the entire MABRA region but sending a quick email saying "processing" or something at least acknowledging my email would be nice, not to mention easy.


Sigberto said...

wooo! congrats!

see ya at turkey day?

Hubbell said...

Congrats. I will use this story to illustrate to Darryl that private enterprise can also be bloated and inefficient.

KOA said...

Bert-absolutely not. i'm going to try and remember the other parts of riding my bike besides the final 200m sprint at a race or the town sign.

Dan-i'm lost. maybe you should blog about it...columbus day!