Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One year

Last week marks my first full year back into cycling and i might as well say it was my first year ever considering how long i rode before and how long ago it was.

This time last year i was riding the 15 miles(total) back and forth to work and exhausted each way. I remember only riding 4 days a week because i was so sore. I was also 45lbs heavier. I'm skinnier now than when i was a veggie-trendy-hipster-rock-star-wannabe with 15lbs of crazy hair on my head.

My favorite cycling quote is from Greg Lemond "it doesn't get easier, you just get faster" or something like that.

In one year:
  • Made it from CAT 5 to CAT 3 (pending getting one more point...shouldn't be too hard)
  • Rode straight through winter including 2 sub zero mornings
  • Bought 3 bikes (Cannondale track bike, Giant TCR [sold], and Look something rather)
  • Rode my longest ride yet 80 something?
  • Joined my first team 540Cycling.com
  • Got my first win (Syns-Fit Crit)
  • Won a prime (Bryan Park Circuit Race)
  • Got a flat in a race (Bryan Park Circuit Race)
  • Did my first "stage-race"
  • Got a "call up" at a race (even though i wasn't there)
  • Was off the bike 3 days (only twice) and Off 2 days (Only a hand full of times)
  • Gave the bird to countless cars
  • Slapped a few windows in traffic
  • Wrecked in a race (Reston Grand Prix)
  • Got dropped in a race (Jeff Cup)
  • Made the wrong turn in a race (Fawn Grove Roubaix)
  • Brought my bike on its first vacation (Orlando, FL)
  • Was towed behind a dump truck down a major high traffic road at 40+ (awesome)
  • Beat Zach up Bull Run once (slaughtered by him every other time)
  • Found out that i'm a McFatty sprinter.
  • Rode 70+ miles on a fixed gear(46x16) on very hilly terrain. twice. and 50+ many many times.
As i only have a few more races for the season i'm thinking i'm light years ahead of where i was this time last year and i am really looking forward to next year. I won a 3-month free coaching service at a race so i'll use that come Jan or Feb and see if i can get a little extra insight. Having teammates that have been racing for 25+ years really helps though.

With that said, the TTT from the tour is on. Its the best part of the whole tour in my opinion. adios.


AH said...

you said mcfatty sprinter.

Ryan Simpson said...

who did you win coaching from?

KOA said...

are you laughing with me or at me? (i'm self-conscious)

Adam Coon from Synergy Fitness.

AH said...

Oh, I'm laughing at both of us.

A mcfatty sprinter who can "hang on" will win far more races on the east coast than a climber who can't sprint.

KOA said...

"hang on" that's been my mantra.

darryl said...

Seeing it all tallied up in a list makes your venture into cycling so inspiring!