Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NOVA Track Racing

Something that has been developing this year and looks to start in the spring full swing is a track series. Ben Williams from A-1 Cycling (Manassas) has been wanting to get things running but lacked the support to jump start it, despite having the OK from the speedway. Right now (nothing confirmed) 540 cycling may lend a hand. It would be in Manassas @ the Old Dominion Speedway, probably being run in a similar fashion to the series in Richmond.

Regardless if 540 is involved, i'll keep encouraging Ben and for certain if and when it starts, i'll guarantee i'll be racing too. If you aren't interested in Track for competition, then maybe a good way to get a sprint workout in each week to help with the cornicopia of flat, open, industrial park crits that MABRA has so many of.


Bailey said...

Yes yes yes yes yes.

A few Bike Rack/DVR teammates and myself drove the 300 mile, three hour drive to Trextlertown, PA, just to get in four hours of track racing a handful of times this summer.

Please, make this happen.

AH said...

How long is that track -- 0.5mi?

KOA said...

Bailey- i'll do my best. i want it as bad as you do.

AH- Ummm...unfortunately you're nearly 100% correct. its 3/8 of a mile. We'll take what we can get. There is a track in Richmond (over and hour away) that's around 1/8 of a mile and Trexlertown's track is 333m, but that's hours(plural) away.

AH said...

Take what you can get, I guess.

My word verification was "oblenteo," which is what Contador yelled at Pharmstrong on the Tour podium. I think it means "in yo face!"

KOA said...

Pharmstrong. that's funny. i haven't heard that before (seriously).

And overall, not excited about anyone on that podium...maybe next year. Though each year 4th place seems to be the position of character.