Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Stuff old stuff

A few new things going on.
  • Like training. One of the guys on my team gave me a very basic workout to include in my typical riding week. And I've really been enjoying it. Along with that i took some other advice which is rest. Oddly enough i find that the difficult part, whether its riding slowly or not at all. I took last Friday off altogether during which i thought i was going to explode from anxiousness, but it worked out; legs recovered and i felt great come Sunday/race time.
  • Still losing weight, though its becoming more difficult, I'm having to be more meticulous about what i consume and how often.
  • New commuter bag/day-pack for hiking. (Dan-the one we got from REI you know, since you broke the straps 3 times.) Here the old and new side by side-

  • Ben is trying to get me to go race the track series "Go Fast Turn Left" Tuesday nights. I'm not terribly interested.
  • I get to race twice a night in May on Wednesdays. I'll Cat up in May for sure now.
  • Next weekend kicks off nonstop racing for a month and a half. exciting
  • Today I'm going to go try and keep up with Zach as he goes up and down Bull Run Mt.


  • I still have no basement.


AH said...

In the race season your training rides need to be bi-polar: Incredibly hard OR idiotically easy -- no in-between. As you accumulate fatigue you'll begin to appreciate those super-easy days.

There is a time for in-between rides and that is in the winter.

KOA said...

Yeah i'm still learning how to ride incredibly hard. Its new to me.