Saturday, April 11, 2009

a litte bit of success

Didn't get to follow through on riding with Zach on thursday. he got out of work late and i had to get home to get over to the inlaws. kind of a blown day for riding for me...

Yesterday though, we planned on the same thing...meeting up and racing up Bull Run Mt. and the roads we were planning on going up i had confused with some others. I hadn't seen the roads he knew about...that included about 3 straight steep sections and a bunch of hard switchbacks, also in the middle a short flat/downhill to break up your rhythm.

Anyway, the first time he beat me up by over a minute. and the second time i beat him by just a little bit. It would have been more had he not pulled me back just coming up to the top. That was a huge accomplishment for me beat Zach up the Mt. I'm not the best climber and he is actually pretty good at it. Not to mention we made it up in the low 12's (minutes that is), the first time i made it up in about 15 mins.

we are planning on doing that once a week. its a fantastic workout. churning up the hill at a slow 8-9 mph sometimes was fun. Hopefully i'll be able to beat him again. I pulled a fast one on him on the steep section and managed through the switchbacks.

tomorrow 8 am. Paris-Roubaix. exciting. i'll be avoiding anything and everything cycling until i watch the recorded version i'll have later in the afternoon.

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