Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Slow riding

I figured out the other day why i've been so slow...besides out of shape.

I put on an old set of wheels for the off season because they are heavier, cheaper($), and more durable. But, what i didn't know was that my rear wheel's axle was too tight. i had realized my rear wheel didn't spin very effectively, but i'm lazy and just kept on. My buddy at the bike shop said he'd take a look at it for me, so i brought him chipotle and my bike. Later he said it was all fixed and that it was spinning because it was too tight. He greased everything and got it working properly.

Hopefully riding will be a little "easier" now. I heard a quote about mechanics saying, "if you think something is wrong, it probably is".


AH said...

My blog is nearly dead. I'm slowly strangling the life out of it by now making it "viewable only to author" until I figure out what posts I want to save. I find I have no time or motivation for quality blog posts so I now limit myself to selected comments on other blogs and pithy/irreverent twitter updates.

KOA said...

so it goes...