Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Team

Starting to get things ready for next season, which includes for the majority, my mindset. It doesn't help that it was 43 degrees this morning and I've got a while till I'm feeling used to it being cold. I believe i dressed as if it was below 20, at least it would have been the case back in Jan/Feb.

So the real news and big news (for myself) is I'm switching teams from 540cycling to Haymarket. Everything is set in motion, and its a matter of getting new kits at this point, which thankfully my old team will buy off my old ones, despite a few being ravaged a tad by asphalt.


Sigberto said...

Jared really likes cherrypickin' folks huh?

I think you'll fit in really well there and they can at least set you up better for some laurels now that you won't be fighting alone. Kudos.

KOA said...

i wouldn't call it cherrypickin' if they approach him.

but yeah, should be cool.

Ryan Simpson said...

Well welcome to the team.. Your welcome to join me durring any of my base rides. they start in nov. 2hrs a day the first week then add 30min a day per week till the end of december. It will make you a little more well rounded and less rounded all at the same time.

KOA said...

i probably will at least a couple times a week. what days/times?

Ryan Simpson said...

Tues- Sunday